Sunday, May 1, 2011

pink flamingoes and heavy drinking!

yesterday colby and i saw the movie gnomeo and juliet. very cute movie!  while we were watching it i decided i wanted two things for my backyard...a gnome and pink plastic flamingoes! you have to see the movie to understand why.

so after the movie we went to hobby lobby to look for gnome.  they had a few, but they weren't cute.  then i thought, "ooooh!  why not paint my own gnome?  how fun would that be?" but of course, they didn't have any paint-your-own-gnomes.  or pink plastic flamingos. bummer.

atwoods is in the same shopping center so we checked there next.  score!  they came two to a box for $9.99!  i didn't get any because i want to put the gnome and the flamingoes out there together.  i know, it's silly and stupid!

photo of the day

tonight we were waiting for our order to come at sonic, and spencer and i had a very random conversation about this sign:
photo of the day
398,929 drink combinations

we figured out that if you wanted to try every sonic drink combination by the time you are 80 years old, you would have to drink about 13 drinks every day!  and of course you'd have to go during happy hour because that would get expensive. so if you tried a small size of every drink during happy hour, you'd spend somewhere around $200,000 in your lifetime.  that's some heavy drinking!

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