Sunday, May 1, 2011

pink flamingoes and heavy drinking!

yesterday colby and i saw the movie gnomeo and juliet. very cute movie!  while we were watching it i decided i wanted two things for my backyard...a gnome and pink plastic flamingoes! you have to see the movie to understand why.

so after the movie we went to hobby lobby to look for gnome.  they had a few, but they weren't cute.  then i thought, "ooooh!  why not paint my own gnome?  how fun would that be?" but of course, they didn't have any paint-your-own-gnomes.  or pink plastic flamingos. bummer.

atwoods is in the same shopping center so we checked there next.  score!  they came two to a box for $9.99!  i didn't get any because i want to put the gnome and the flamingoes out there together.  i know, it's silly and stupid!

photo of the day

tonight we were waiting for our order to come at sonic, and spencer and i had a very random conversation about this sign:
photo of the day
398,929 drink combinations

we figured out that if you wanted to try every sonic drink combination by the time you are 80 years old, you would have to drink about 13 drinks every day!  and of course you'd have to go during happy hour because that would get expensive. so if you tried a small size of every drink during happy hour, you'd spend somewhere around $200,000 in your lifetime.  that's some heavy drinking!

Friday, April 29, 2011

you're beautiful

photo of the day
god's beauty
ok.  this post may not make sense to anyone but me, and that's ok.  and it may sound like i'm rambling and that's ok, too.

tonight i went to the mall to shop for some new tennis shoes.  while i was there i decided to go in a couple of stores just to see if i could find a really good deal on a shirt or something. i got kind of down because even though i've lost 20 pounds that's not enough to necessitate new clothes.  my clothes are a little bigger, but i can still wear them.

i feel better than i've felt in a really long time.  i'm starting to feel like the skinny girl inside me is slowly trying to come out.  i WANT to wear cute clothes and look pretty again, but when i look in the mirror i'm still fat.  and i let that ugly fat girl with a defeated attitude rear her ugly head every once in a while and i get sad.

so i walked out of the store without buying anything because i felt like i didn't deserve anything new because i'm still fat.  that's how i've treated myself for several years now.

but as i was driving home, i looked out the window and saw the most amazing sunset.  i could actually see the outline of the sun setting just behind an american flag. i literally gasped!  i quickly pulled over and grabbed my phone to take a picture.  i wanted everyone to see what i saw, but since i only had my phone i didn't capture that moment like i wanted to.

the picture doesn't even show you what i saw.  but maybe you weren't supposed to see.  in my small mind i like to think that god put me at that spot at that exact moment to remind me that there's more to being beautiful than being skinny or fat.  that sunset reminded me that god still loves me no matter what size i am, and that my beauty comes from him.  i am made in HIS image.  why should i feel sad about that?  how am i going to share his beauty and love with the world if i'm so wrapped up in feeling sorry for myself?

            For you created my inmost being; 
   you knit me together in my mother’s womb. 
      I praise you because I am fearfully and wonderfully made; 
   your works are wonderful, 
   I know that full well. 
~Psalm 139:13-14


bubbles are like christmas lights.  i don't care how old you are there's just something about them that warms your heart!

we found out that smudge loves bubbles, too!  he was jumping up and trying to eat them as fast as the boys could blow them!

photo of the day
let's all eat the bubbles!

exciting day

wednesday is now my new weigh-in day at weight watchers because we have a new meeting leader.  i actually look forward to these days, and it seemed like wednesday would never get there!

i knew i had lost some that week because i really watched what i ate, and i walked nearly every night. i forgot the main part of my lunch that day so all i had eaten was 2 apples and 2 granola bars.  so maybe that's why i lost 6 POUNDS!  now my grand total is 20.6 pounds in 8 weeks!  i am so excited!!!

at church that night we had a fundraiser for our relay for life team (which i am proud to say i am a member of this year!).  the generous family at adams blvd. donated $1000!!!  amazing generosity.

and to top it all off, i ate supper with all these little people!  

photo of the day 
the kids' table

when i sat down, there was only one kid at the table and the next thing i knew i was completely surrounded!  we even had to pull up extra chairs so they'd all fit.  we also had to lay down some rules:
     1.  no eating your boogers at the table.
     2.  no touching ms. amy with spaghetti hands because my sweater was part white.

well a couple of them broke rule #1 because they thought it was funny!  no one touched me, but i still managed to get spaghetti sauce on me!

smudge's first frog

spencer found this frog in the backyard, and of course smudge just had to check it out! (and of course i didn't stop him because i thought it would be funny to watch.  shame on me.)

photo of the day
foam face

monster worms!

when colby and i went walking monday night, we found GINORMOUS worms!  i've never seen any that big before...they were like small snakes.  i couldn't believe colby wasn't afraid to pick them up!

 photo of the day
they're slipping!

it pooped on me!

easter weekend

let the coloring begin!  everyone was involved this year!

photo of the day
happy easter egg

i love crayons...
 photo of the day
easter goodies
what did the easter bunny bring?